Who We Are

Marriage in the Raw is the culmination of nearly a decade of dreaming.  Our dream?  For couples to experience living happily ever after.  Marriages today are "over-cooked" by a culture that says happiness is achieved by chance and only the lucky ones survive; they are "over-seasoned" by the negative expressions of those who have failed.  We return to the raw basics, to marriage as it was originally intended:  alive, joyful, long-term.

So many give up because they have read the books and listened to the experts…they have heard it all and it is still not working.  Adding a bunch of seasonings and cooking the relationship to the extreme ruins the relationship.  What we all need is application, not more information.  Marriage in the Raw is all about moving your relationship from where it currently stands to the path of growth and by embracing what will bring love and life to your marriage.

Marriage in the Raw is for your marriage no matter where you are on the continuum.  If you are just thinking about getting married the first time or the third time, we will help you find the rich soil a relationship needs to establish the strong roots necessary to grow a great marriage.  If your marriage is good and growing, we will help you take the next step in nurturing your marriage.  If your relationship is hurting and you are flirting with divorce, it's also for you.  We will help you think through the issues so you can make a wise decision for your future.

Marriage in the Raw is for you.  The only question is: Do you want to live happily ever after?

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