Making Your Marriage Deployment Ready

We developed this workshop for Military Ministry, a division of Campus Crusade for Christ.  We partner with them to present this material.

Our goals to help marriages prepare for deployment:

Helped us talk through and understand important aspects of deployment.  Helped understand other ways to include God together while we are apart.

  • Ÿ Help military couples put together a comprehensive plan for their time of separation.
  • Ÿ Facilitate the difficult but necessary “talk” before their spouse goes into harm’s way.
  • Ÿ Give the foundation for couples to actually strengthen their relationships during deployment rather than just endure the time and allow their relationship to drift.
  • Ÿ Increase resiliency.
  • Ÿ Create accountability/support groups to help those who are apart to encourage each other in doing right and to motivate them to build their marriages.
  • Ÿ Help couples stay connected while they are deployed.
  • Ÿ Smooth reintegration.

This workshop will encourage ongoing growth by opening the door to other small group studies and provide a platform for PTSD awareness and help.

This seminar is flexible to accommodate the needs and priorities of the chaplain, the base commander or the church.  It could be Friday evening-Saturday morning, or it could be all day Saturday.

Topics include:

  • Ÿ Deployment Threats
  • Ÿ Mission Planning
  • Ÿ Staying Connected with Each Other
  • Ÿ Thriving During Deployment


This seminar is very interactive and strives to engage the attendees in discussion.  This establishes the foundation for them to continue to work together during deployment and to begin small groups to continue growing their marriages following the deployment.  In fact, they will not cover sessions Five and Six during this seminar but will be instructed, motivated and launched into groups to finish session five while on deployment and session six when they return.